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HIA GreenSmart


Technique Construction Group is committed to the sustainability of our environment. Proactively, we have trained our staff to understand the importance of sustainability and the HIA GreenSmart Accreditation Program. GreenSmart building enables you to build a more sustainable home by using environmentally responsible housing design and products.


The first thing that comes to most people's minds is that building GREEN is an expensive exercise, this is not true. You can start saving money as early as the design stage, if you position your new home or addition correctly on the allotment, one of the next most cost effective ways to start saving money and adding value to your home is upgrading insulation and windows.


A GreenSmart house will:

• improve the water and energy efficiency of the home thus reducing costs

• create healthier homes for occupants

• provide options to make the home more adaptable for all stages of life

• reduce waste from the building process

• improve site management during construction.


The benefits of a GreenSmart house include lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter, a cooler house in summer, a healthier home for occupants and less waste going to landfill.


Overall, the result is an energy efficient, cost effective home which is reducing the environmental footprint and creating a better environment for generations to come.

To read more about GreenSmart, visit the HIA GreenSmart website here...