Architect: MRTN Architects, Antony Martin carlton-award


Winner of the HIA Renovation of the year award 2016, the scope from the client for this project was to create a renewed outdoor living area, together with a north facing study/work area. In addition to this a new master bedroom and en-suite was required. The brief was that the owners wanted as much light and glass maximized as possible, preferably double glazed. The aim was to create a thermally efficient home. This home was a small Victorian terrace which had an extension added to the rear. In order to connect the main house with the new rear extension, a new corridor became the link. This corridor runs east-west and at more than 10 metres in length offers a hyper-level of functionality. A new courtyard also provides the interior with much needed exposure to northern light.


In the corridor there is a large, square window, that when open, transforms the seating area with an informal doorway. The boundary between inside and out is blurred. The use of red brick for the corridors floor and walls also helps to seamlessly extend the outside with the inside. One of the designs most compelling areas is revealed by the view from upstairs. Blackbutt complements the red brick and black steel in the form of cladding and industrial style windows, which form a great contrast.